Beer Appreciation - Around The World

This course will take you around the world with beer and explore the styles that originated in each country and their characteristics. The course will provide some excellent examples of beer from Belgium, France, USA, Germany, Czech, Canada, Australia etc. and highlight how the brewing techniques influence these characteristics.

The Beer appreciation Around the World course will focus on the various styles of beer that are produced around the world and will explore the reasons for such along with providing some great beers from their respective countries and briefly discuss how their styles are produced. After this course, students will confidently be able to discuss the styles that a country is famous for and explain why this is so along with provide commercial examples of each.

A comprehensive hand chosen selection of international and local beers will be presented, drank, discussed and evaluated.

A great way to familiarise yourself with world beers and if you are considering creating your own beer list for your restaurant, bar or bottle shop.

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Beer Styles introduction Introduction on how to evaluate a beer


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