Beer Appreciation - Introductory Course

This course is designed to introduce you to all things beer. The course focus will revolve around exploring the various styles that exist and their general characteristics as well as basic fault analysis and production techniques that influence styles. The Beer Appreciation Introductory course is designed to provide you with the basics of beer appreciation from how to taste and evaluate beers to providing general knowledge on all beer styles and uses the International BJCP style guide as the foundation. At the end of this course, students will have good knowledge of the various styles that exist and how to evaluate a wide range of classic and modern beer styles. Students will also be armed with the skills to serve the respective beer correctly so as to enhance the experience for their customers. Great for beer distributors, wholesalers, restauranteurs, bar owners and pub owners wishing to up-skill their staff.

This course can be designed to incorporate a distributors, retailers, importers or producers beer in the beer style examples as well as the food and beer matching part. Lunch will be provided in the form of beer matched foods as part of the beer and food matching session.

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