We have many references worldwide available upon request; however please see the below case studies of projects that we have been involved in to better understand the facets of establishing a beverage facility.


Stark BreweryStark Brewery is the culmination of years of planning, research and brainstorming until its inception in late 2010 in the picturesque site of Lovina Beach Indonesia. After sitting down with the management to develop a viable business model for producing flavoursome full-bodied beers for the local markets in keg and bottle form, we agreed upon a capacity requirement and proceeded to specify the scope of the equipment needed.

After doing a detailed equipment specification, we sourced the 35HL 5 vessel brewhouse + 4 x 35HL fermentation vessels + 1 x 35HL Bright beer tank from a reputable Chinese manufacturer for their value for money proposal.

Next we assessed the existing infrastructure for utility services such as natural gas, electricity and most importantly a constant and quality water supply. We also addressed waste water issues and council regulations regarding the processing of waste water and waste products from the brewery.

After taking delivery of the system, we project managed the site from initial placement of equipment, floor plan design, supervising the installation and commissioning contractors right up until test brews, recipe development and equipment tweaking for efficiency improvements.

Some of the challenges included insufficient waste water infrastructure which we rectified, along with excessive ambient temperatures that needed more robust cooling and refrigeration services. The increase in temperature from the cooling system to the fermenters for regulating temperatures for active fermentation meant that we had to insulate the pipe work using polypropylene insulation to minimize this extra heat pick up.

Overall the project was typical in that timelines were not accurately met due to delays in manufacturing and shipping; however we accelerated the installation and commissioning process to make up lost time which worked well.


Shanghai TangShanghai Tang is a small brewpub set up in the French Concession area of Shanghai and aims to deliver interesting and familiar craft beers of premium quality to locals and expats looking for big, rich flavoursome beers.

The 500L hybrid system was set up in a retail format where the brewery is on show for all to see and encompasses 3 x 1000L fermentation universal tanks to allow for dual purposes tanks.

Beverage and Brewing Consulting was engaged in a turnkey capacity to oversee the entire project from concept review, feasibility and equipment design and specification to installation, commissioning and recipe development.

Currently B&BC is working on bettering efficiencies within the brewing process to maximise the capital investment.


The Clifton Hill Brewpub was born from a spirit of innovation and market movement in the beer market as the owners very quickly saw the opportunity to capitalise on the Craft Beer Movement in the Clifton Hill area.

Beverage & Brewing Consulting was engaged on a Turnkey basis for the project after a strict tender process that needed the microbrewery to be custom-designed to fit into a small allowable area yet still be able to produce high quality and premium products whilst being a visual drawcard for the existing hotel after a total renovation of the interior.

B&BC undertook a feasibility study to quantify the idea and then proceeded to the Facility Design and Equipment Design aspects of the project in conjunction with a leading Architectural & Design Firm in Melbourne’s inner North.

B&BC after Designing & Specifying the Microbrewery equipment sourced the equipment from Australian, Canadian & Asian manufacturers and worked diligently to meet all the build project timelines of the whole project.

Soon after the equipment arrived on-site the team at B&BC craned in the microbrewery kit over 7m high into the allowable area and began Equipment Assembly, Installation and Commissioning of the system along with arranging all the necessary trade services including electrical, gas services, plumbing, waste management, calibration, registration & certification & and general structural infrastructure.

Engineering loading and structural services for the brewery were also provided as part of B&BC’s scope of supply as well as licensing support ’ Recipe Formulation and overall the project was completed on-time ’ on-budget for a late December launch.

Clifton Hill Brewpub