At B&BC we offer many individual and packaged consulting services for the beverage industry. Essentially we tailor our consulting services around your specific requirements so you receive the most relevant support for your project.

Some of the services we provide in our popular Turnkey Service include:

  • Initial concept review
  • Feasibility analysis and succession planning
  • Business model templates
  • Financial analysis/viability
  • Licensing requirements/applications
  • Site and Pre-install evaluation
  • Equipment specification requirements
  • Equipment sourcing (access to worldwide manufacturers)
  • Plant purchase negotiations
  • Installation and commissioning services
  • Project management services
  • HACCP and Occupational Health & Safety review
  • Process efficiency review
  • Laboratory analysis services (access to NATA accredit laboratory)
  • Recipe development and tweaking
  • Troubleshooting and Debugging services
  • Sensory analysis review
  • Product stability services
  • Marketing and brand analysis

We also offer the following specialised services:

Equipment Brokering Service

We act as specialist brokers to find the best equipment for your needs. We compare different systems on offer, and with access to every manufacturer in the world, we can often attract more competitive pricing due to our previous dealing with these suppliers.

Second Hand Equipment Sourcing

We are regularly contacted by international manufacturers wishing to move good quality second-hand pieces. As a result, we have access to a plethora of second-hand options, especially within the microbrewing industry.

Equipment Sourcing

Contract Brewing / Distilling / Winemaking / Cidermaking Services

This allows you to use our partner facilities to launch a product to market without investing in equipment or production infrastructure. This has the benefits of test the market with your concept to evaluate the likelihood of success.

It is important to focus your resources and energies on marketing, distribution and branding. This is why we take care of the whole process, including:

We have access to existing facilities throughout Australasia that let us contract produce under your own brand until you are ready to venture out with your own facility. Please note that minimum quantities do apply.

Follow the links below for specific information on the following:

Project Facility Audit

We can conduct a complete facility process review to ensure your existing brewery, distillery, cidery or winery is running at an optimum efficiency, that your Cost/L is being maintained at all times, and that all quality aspects are managed.

Production Expansion Plans

Clients who are successful with the initial project may need to expand their capacity to meet with production demands. Many of our clients have experienced this as a result of initial strong business modelling and cost management techniques. We have many financial templates to support this direction that leverage on the economies of scale formula as part of our service.

Equipment Upgrading

As part of this service, our consultants undertake an equipment performance review and provide recommendations to ensure that your total or componentry equipment or infrastructure aligns with future anticipated growth production requirements. We determine whether the equipment has become inefficient and is unnecessarily raising your production costs, or whether your facility requires more advanced technology solutions to keep up with production trends.

Our Fees

Our fees are based on the level of services you require and are tailored to your specific needs. Some clients might choose to use our popular Turnkey Service, others who have developed their own concept and business modelling might only need our equipment sourcing and brokering service, whilst others might only require our project management, installation and commissioning services.

Our fees are tailored to suit your requirements and our level of involvement in the project establishment.