Starting a Microbrewery Information Session

Starting a Microbrewery

This information session is designed to equip you with the essentials when considering starting a microbrewery and will provide a macro level view on the industry, the basic requirements and the process when embarking on such a journey.

Wishing to start your own microbrewery, develop a brewpub, brew restaurant or simply starting a beer brand? Let Beverage & Brewing Consulting take you through some of the key aspects of starting a microbrewery or beer brand and essentially building a business in this exciting and dynamic growth industry.

Currently the craft and premium beer markets are experiencing high digit growth worldwide and have consistently for the last decade. What this would suggest is that the Asia Pacific markets are well positioned to reap the benefits of this craft revolution as it filters down to Asia, Australia and New Zealand over the next decade.

Knowing where and how to start in developing a microbrewery and/or beer brand from the ground up can be a daunting & overwhelming exercise however this comprehensive information session will give you the basic framework that has been used for microbrewery setups across Australasia.

Who this session is designed for:

This session is designed for anyone wishing to establish their own microbrewery, research the industry or is in the process of starting their own brewery. The session will provide general information on the key aspect of starting your own brewery and will focus on the commercial and business aspects initially followed by the process that should be followed to start your own brewery. Information will be provided on the best business models, where the industry is headed and some considerations in entering the industry, plus more.

Consultant Profile


  • Craft beer market statistics and industry outlook
  • Global Craft Beer industry outlook
  • Brewpub vs Microbrewery vs Nano brewery
  • Health Regulations when developing a microbrewery
  • Steps in the development of a microbrewery, pub brewery or beer brand
  • Marketing strategies and creating a market for your product
  • Marketing insights and future beer styles
  • Excise, Licensing and Liquor Licensing requirements
  • Council regulations and dealing with councils
  • Environmental considerations when starting a brewery
  • Equipment types & function
  • Packaging options and preferences
  • Ins & Outs of Brewery finance
  • 10 pitfalls to be aware of when starting a microbrewery
  • Roadmap to Success
  • Case Study discussion
  • Beer and food matched education session
  • Questions & Answers
  • Light refreshments and a beer/food matched lunch will be provided as part of this session.
  • Includes basic consolidated handouts with informative guidelines and suggestions.
  • No recording devices or spruiking is permitted throughout the session.
  • Please refer to our terms & conditions for further details.


“An essential first step on the road to commercial craft brewing is to enrol in Beverage and Brewing Consulting's course Starting a Microbrewery Information Session. Led by Costa Nikias, the session contains important information that enables a more considered approach to a business plan, and contains a wealth of resources as a stepping stone to further analysis. Gaining wisdom from someone who has been there is invaluable in ensuring a complete planning process and avoiding pitfalls along the way.”
Mark Have

“Recently, we attended the Starting a Microbrewery session with Costa at the Clifton Hill Hotel. Costa was informative, professional and covered a number of different points that we wouldn't have even considered had we not attended. The content was detailed & presented in an easy to understand manner - none of us have a background in brewing but all walked away from the day with Costa with a great deal of knowledge. We highly recommend this introductory session for anybody considering establishing a Microbrewery as Costa gives an honest and real insight into both the opportunities & challenges of the industry”
Alister, Lynne & Don (Vic)

“I attended the one day course put on by Costa on How to start a Microbrewery at the Clifton Hill Hotel in August 2014. The course was excellent with a great balance of content from technical material through to marketing and compliance. Costa has a significant amount of experience and the passion to go with it, and this really brings the material to life. I have since used the knowledge gained to create a detailed business plan that is acting as our guide to establish our new brewpub operation in Queensland. I would recommend this course to anyone from a hobby craft brewer through to a full scale microbrewery operator.”
Craig P (QLD)

“Thanks for a great day. Course presentation was fantastic and your industry knowledge provided me with all the answers to questions that I had regarding starting a microbrewery.”
John E

“As someone who is at the feasibility stage in the craft brewing industry I found your How to Start a Microbrewery 1 day course invaluable. It had a good mix of industry stats to help form financial model assumptions as well as real world examples of the pitfalls and how to navigate them. I would thoroughly recommend anyone considering entering the craft beer industry spend a day in your course before spending their hard earned on anything else or they risk spending it twice.”
Hayden S

“I found your ‘starting a microbrewery information session’ last Sunday to be hugely informative. It was great to get a balanced view of what it takes to start up and run a microbrewery in Australia and to see how craft beer is trending here vs the US and UK. What I took away from the day is the amount of opportunity to create services to support the growing craft beer industry in Australia. Even if someone isn't interested in starting a brewery specifically, there's still a lot of value in your course for someone who wants to get involved.”
D Smith

“We recently attended the one day course provided by B&BC and were very impressed with the professionalism of the day coupled with the extensive knowledge and industry experience that Costa provides. We have gained a huge amount out of attending and feel much more prepared and aware of what needs to take place to make our microbrewery a success. Costa covers a wide range of material including market trends, working with councils, design and specification of equipment; all communicated effectively and supported by many real world examples. Costa‘s shared experience is invaluable and we would highly recommend this course to everyone who is considering starting a microbrewery.”
Wayne & Naomi - Tasmania

“This course was informative, interactive and overall I found it extremely useful. The structure of the course was ideal for people considering entering the brewing industry in any capacity. Costa‘s presentation was fluid and the pace was just right, overall the quality of information and the in-depth industry knowledge of Costa was excellent. This course has fully achieved my expectations and has provided me with vital information to further pursue my plans.”
Adam K - Victoria

“Firstly, Lance and I were both very impressed at Costa‘s passion for the industry. You are a real ’team player‘ in the craft brew space and that‘s great. Secondly, your knowledge on a variety of topics certainly reflected your extensive experience in the industry. The course layout was fantastic, covering the actual steps involved in setting up a micro-brewery and impressively covering some important topics which mightn‘t be immediately obvious to a fresh entrepreneur in the industry. It was very business orientated and we think that was important because when you have a passion for something, it‘s so easy to overlook other ’boring‘ things which are critical to your success. Thanks, and we look forward to working with you in the near future.’
Lance and Craig, Brisbane

“Prior to the course I had an idea of the requirements for setting up a new brewery but was somewhat confused about the exact order in which things need to take place. I walked out of the course with a clear understanding of what was required. All the information presented was up-to date, relevant and provided a good insight into the industry. I believe that the course is a good tool for anyone considering starting a microbrewery.’
Matt - Commercial Brewer NSW, Australia

“The Beverage and Brewing Consulting ’Starting a Microbrewery‘ day course is an invaluable resource of information for anyone who is considering a career in the craft brewing industry. The session covers the many important facets one needs to be aware of when starting out, with a strong focus on business model development and government legislation. This highly informative and enjoyable day is a testament to Costa‘s passion for and extensive experience in the brewing industry. I came away from the session with a much greater understanding of the true steps, effort and cost required in starting a microbrewery and with the peace of mind knowing that there are brewing consultants out there like Costa, who understand my passion and have the knowledge and experience required to help make my goals a reality.”
Tim H - Sydney

“The Beverage and Brewing Consulting Starting a Microbrewery Course was very impressive and helpful. The content was well balanced and covered all the areas you need to start considering and a few you hadn‘t thought about. Costa was a great presenter and kept the whole day flowing well. I‘d definitely recommend the course to others. Thanks.”
Ross. E - Sydney

“I really enjoyed the Starting A Brewery Information session as it was spot on what I needed to consider a career in this dynamic industry. The facilitator Costa is very knowledgeable and really has a good understanding of the industry and is passionate about his work - this much is evident. I left the session knowing exactly what the next step was and engaged Costa on a consulting basis to make my dream come true. I would not hesitate in recommending Costa and his courses.”
Jim - Fresh Legs Brewing, Victoria

“The course was an informative and entertaining day with a presenter that has literally been there and done that. Up to date industry statistics and a good overview of the growth of craft beer in several countries provided plenty of interest and Costa’s conversational presentation style meant questions were welcomed and answered comprehensively. Even with existing knowledge of the industry and micro breweries I was surprised at how much I still learned and of particular benefit was hearing in detail about BBC's structured and thorough approach to planning and commissioning a micro brewery. I recommend this course to anyone as part of early planning.”
Jonathan - DB Breweries Ltd NZ

“I attended the session run by Costa as part of our due diligence in setting up our own microbrewery. The session was very informative and covered a myriad of topics covering infrastructure, compliance, council, business strategies and many other factors that should be considered. The course information was very thorough and Costa linking the theory into real world scenarios was very worthwhile. It certainly was great value for money and a valuable source of information for anybody contemplating setting up their own microbrewery; and the beer samples during and after were very welcome.”
Peter Willis - Director, Hawthorn Brewing Co. Melbourne

“The ‘Starting a Microbrewery’ course was a pre-requisite for me in determining whether it was going to be possible to start my own microbrewery and a realistic estimation of the cost of doing so. Full of useful information including current market statistics, trends and all of the steps to starting the microbrewery, it is an absolute must have for anyone interested in going down this path. Costa’s delivery method makes the key information that will be critical to the success of the brewery was easy to digest and understand. If you’re considering starting your own microbrewery this course is an absolute must and great value for money.”
Jared Birbeck - Birbeck Brewing, Adelaide

“The Starting A Microbrewery course was brilliant as it introduced me to the world of craft brewing, the considerations, pitfalls and industry outlook in a very short time and gave me a real snapshot of where the industry is headed. Costa provides detailed and factual information that really gives you an insider’s view of the craft brewing world today. I was hesitant to do the course because of the cost involved however I got more in value than what he was charging - I would thoroughly recommend this session for anyone looking to enter the industry or even those home brewers and commercial brewers wanting to set up their own brewery - real gem.”
Matt - Brewer Red Tail Brewery, NZ

““I‘m a supplier to winemakers and brewers (with more than a passing interest in how wine, beer and cider is produced). I did the course along with my colleagues at O-I in a private industry session to gain an insight into the challenges my customers face, whether they be a brewer or a winemaker looking at entering the beer or cider markets. Not only did I learn about the challenges and opportunities that my customers face; from start-up, raising finance, marketing and sales, production and growth plans; but I had fun... and I‘m putting some serious thought into starting my own brewery! I would highly recommend the course for anyone considering starting their own brewery or beer brand. Very informative yet casually and professionally presented. ”
Richard, O-I Glass Bottle Solutions

“It is a great opportunity to meet people with similar interests and also to share some brewing experiences. Costa is an expert in this field and he leads the course in a good pace in order to make sure all important topics are properly covered and followed by the participants. The additional time given by Costa after the course to answer all questions is also a valuable benefit. ‘How to start a microbrewery Course’ has enhanced my knowledge and awareness about all relevant areas of this business, consequently driving me closer to success.”
Fabio Romero - Pharmacist, Sydney


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